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Score with Intel Core competitionThe Intel® Retail Edge Program recently wrapped up our 10th anniversary Score with Intel® Core™ competition. Score with Intel® Core™ is our annual retail learning competition that brings sales teams together to work for a common goal as they learn about Intel® products and technologies.

This year, we saw our second highest number of participating sales associates and our best year ever in the number of registered General Managers.

Score with Intel CoreWrapping up the awards ceremonies for the 2018 Score with Intel® Core® competition, I was reminded once again of the amazing things that happen when people unite to reach a common goal. It’s a learning campaign that goes beyond sales associates simply taking training online or taking training in the store.

Score with Intel® Core™ is really about galvanizing an entire sales team. Bringing people together for a common goal and inspiring them to act as a team.

Retail Manager ResponsibilitiesManagers in the PC sector of the retail industry have tough jobs. Long hours and even longer lists of responsibilities prove taxing for even the best. A search in LinkedIn’s job sectionfor PC retail general and district manager openings revealed responsibilities ranging from achieving sales goals to actively participating in the community.

What’s really interesting is the recurrence of certain action verbs listed in the job responsibilities. These verbs are consistently used across different levels of management from three major retailers. 

Retail Computer Sales TeamImproving the effectiveness of your retail sales staff can boost profitability for your store. Success in the retail marketing field, however, does not happen overnight. It takes work, planning, and careful evaluation of current methods to develop the most efficient and productive sales team.

Store, general, and district managers realize that effective sales reps also provide great customer experiences. Here are six ways managers can have a real impact on the success and effectiveness of their sales staff.

Score with Intel CoreAre you a manager who wants to:

  • Better educate your sales team
  • Improve customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Motivate and reward sales reps
  • Increase revenue
  • Support your local community

If you answered yes to any of these, then get your staff involved in this year’s Score with Intel® Core™ competition. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Retail store managers are taking part in the Score with Intel® Core™ competition to help K-12 schools in their local communities receive a $25,000 technology donation. This year’s competition began June 15 and runs through August 17. 

Presented by the Intel® Retail Edge Program, the annual competition benefits retail stores and their local communities by increasing retail sales representative knowledge of Intel® products while helping local schools win up to $25,000.

Special Video Event

Sign up to attend the special video event beginning May 20, 2015 for a chance to learn about the latest developments in Intel® product technology. Watching the video also offers participants opportunities to earn prizes and Chips. The Intel® Retail Edge Program provides retail sales representatives and management-level personnel meaningful and fun ways to learn about the latest Intel® products and technologies.