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Frequently Asked Questions About The Intel® Retail Edge Program

Check out the some of the most frequently asked questions below to learn more about Intel’s retail training program.

What is the Intel® Retail Edge Program?

The Program was created to provide retail sales professionals with training and information about Intel® products and technologies sold in their stores in an informative, useful, and fun manner.

What are the Benefits of Joining the Program?

The benefits of this Program include:

  • Differentiating yourself
  • Learning more about the latest Intel® products and technologies
  • Building credibility with your peers and employer
  • Being part of a community
  • Being recognized for your accomplishments
  • And of course - creating satisfied customers!

My friend does not work in retail; can he/she still use the site?

Everyone involved with selling Intel® products and technologies is encouraged to use the resources that the Intel® Retail Edge Program provides. To be eligible for participation with the Program and to access the Website, Program members need to be employed with an eligible retailer.

What is required to view the site?

In order to view the Intel® Retail Edge Program Website, you will need a device with an Internet connection. If you elect to receive e-mail updates, please add the following address to an exception list in your e-mail account to ensure you can receive them:

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