8 Essential Strategies for Effective Retail Employee Training

Did you know nearly one-third of all retail workers get no training at all? This study by Axonify also reveals up to 27% of employees who do receive training stated it was ineffective because it was boring and not engaging.

Retail sales staff, who represent the face and initial contact point of a company, play a crucial role. They are the ambassadors of the brand and create critical customer experiences that can either make or break a sale.

Posted: 5/7/24

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Bridging the Gap for Better Customer Experiences

An exceptional customer experience can significantly boost a company's outcomes across many areas, including sales, loyalty, and brand advocacy. However, PwC's Future of Customer Experience report reveals an "experience disconnect" between customer expectations and what businesses deliver.

The report offers insights into bridging this gap to elevate customer satisfaction.

Posted: 4/16/24

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The Power of Mobile in Learning Platforms

Delivering effective training to sales associates is crucial, yet challenging. Mobile learning, or m-learning, is a powerful tool in this context, offering flexibility, accessibility, and engagement that traditional training methods struggle to match.

Mobile learning refers to the delivery of educational content via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, allowing learners to access training materials from anywhere at any time. This approach aligns with the modern lifestyle, where mobility and time efficiency are highly valued.

Posted: 4/2/24

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The Critical Role of Evaluating Retail Associate Training Programs

In recent years, the significance of evaluating the impact of retail associate training programs has only intensified. According to insights from the 2023 Training Industry Report, U.S. companies demonstrated a commitment to training, with expenditures slightly increasing to $101.8 billion in 2022-2023.

With such substantial investments, the necessity for rigorous assessment of training program effectiveness becomes paramount. The goal of these programs extends beyond imparting knowledge.

Posted: 3/19/24

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Leverage Mystery Shopping for Enhanced Engagement and Performance

Mystery shopping, initially conceived in the 1940s as a technique to evaluate employee honesty, has evolved significantly over the decades. Today, it is seen as a powerful research method companies use to understand brand perception and evaluate customer service by looking at how customers and sales associates interact.

Demystifying certain aspects of the mystery shopping process can significantly enhance sales, foster greater engagement, and lead to more effective sales behaviors.

Posted: 3/5/24

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Boost PC Sales with a Customer-First Approach

Creating an effective retail PC sales team requires more than just basic product knowledge; it involves a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, product specifications, and sales skills.

Just as computer technology evolves, so do the demands for sales associates to stay informed and persuasive.

Posted: 2/20/24

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The Role of Product Knowledge in Maximizing Retail PC Success

Creating lasting connections with customers is more crucial than ever for retail success. With the right information on the latest systems and devices, you can forge a trust that extends beyond a single transaction, fostering repeat business and a loyal customer base.

Here are a few benefits of enhancing product knowledge among your retail sales associates.

Posted: 2/6/24

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Embracing the Associate Experience

In the fast-paced retail sector, success hinges on more than just customer engagement and sales metrics. This insightful article by Joe Corbin, CEO & President of Jumpmind, illuminates a pivotal shift in retail strategy - the importance of the Associate Experience (AX).

Discover how prioritizing AX can help your stores excel in the competitive retail computer market. 

Posted: 1/16/24

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7 Factors for a Better In-Store Shopping Experience

Creating an exceptional in-store retail customer experience is crucial for those wanting to purchase a new computer. With the rise of online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores must offer unique and compelling reasons for customers to visit and make purchases in person.

Here are a few strategies to enhance the in-store experience for computer shoppers in your stores.

Posted: 1/2/24

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Elevate Retail AI PC Sales with Advanced Training

Intel launched the new Intel® Core™ Ultra mobile processors on December 14, 2023. With it came the first generation of the AI PC that takes advantage of AI capabilities across operating systems and applications.

Intel® Core™ Ultra processors deliver a premium laptop experience to customers.

Posted: 12/13/23

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