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Microlearning training for retail sales associatesMicrolearning can be used for a variety of purposes, from employee training to customer education. In retail, microlearning can be an extremely effective tool for sales associates.

By providing bite-sized pieces of information on products and services, retail employees can be better equipped to sell to customers. As a result, this type of training format can lead to more closed sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Employee trainingWe've all heard that idiom of how difficult it is to teach old dogs new tricks. But is there any truth to that sentiment? 

There's no denying that learning as an adult is challenging. As you age, waning neuroplasticity makes it harder to retain new skills and change old habits. 


Intel Gamer DaysPC gaming is hotter than ever, so it’s the perfect time for the hottest gaming event of 2022: Intel® Gamer Days. Intel, retailers, PC brands, and publishers are teaming up to offer gamers exclusive deals, secret drops, live streams, and special giveaways.

This 5th annual Intel® Gamer Days kicks off August 25 with a live stream featuring top gamers and influencers, and continues through September 4 with plenty of deals worth celebrating.

Back to school computersAs schools across the country begin, many families plan to buy a new desktop or laptop. Your sales team must know what to look for to help your customers make the best use of their budget and get a computer that will work well for school, work, and play.

According to the National Retail Foundation, spending on back-to-school and college is estimated to reach $110 billion this year. Electronics is projected as a top category for spending.

Intel Retail Edge Program Mobile AppIn retail, an empowered sales associate is a successful sales associate. There's nothing better than feeling like you're in charge of your fate and accomplishments. Not only does it help create a more pleasant work environment, but it can also increase productivity and motivate your employees to work with less oversight.

There are many ways to empower your team. While words of encouragement certainly go a long way, one of the best approaches is to put learning and training in their hands.

Score with Intel CoreRetail associates and their stores are participating in the Score with Intel® Core™: Next Gen Heroes training competition to help K-12 schools in their local communities receive a technology grant of up to $25,000. This year’s competition began on June 20 and runs through August 8.

The Score with Intel® Core™ benefits retailers and their local communities in two primary ways.

The popularity and growth of esports have exploded and a growing number of high schools and colleges are implementing esports programs. The Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) operates varsity leagues for collegiate, high school, and youth programs.

On June 17-19, over 100 high school teams will gather at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex to compete in the 2022 Walt Disney World® EGF High School National Championship.

Score with Intel Core retail training competitionCustomers are back, and so is our most popular learning campaign, Score with Intel® Core™! In just a few days, the Intel® Retail Edge Program will kick off Score with Intel® Core™: Next Gen Heroes.

This competition presents an amazing opportunity for retail managers to support, engage, and impact stores, associates, customers, and local communities. It has all the elements loved by associates, retailers, managers, and local schools.

Get the retail PC sales toolThe latest devices give consumers access to virtually unlimited resources while they shop. While shoppers browse your store, they may also use their smartphones to compare prices and features, read reviews, and even ask their friends for advice.

According to a study by RetailMeNot, 66% of shoppers check their smartphones for information instead of asking a sales associate; however, 80% of sales continue to occur in the retail store.

Eliminate skills gap with retail trainingSkills gaps are becoming an increasingly common issue across all industries. Digital technologies continue to transform the way we work and do business for the better. However, it's also getting harder for workers to keep up.

Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome skills and knowledge gaps to help your team reach their full potential on the sales floor. 

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