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Intel Artificial Intelligence ProgramsDespite its growing prevalence, the power to utilize and develop AI is out of reach for many. The tech skills gap is ever-present, and no sector is suffering more than Artificial Intelligence.

Fortunately, Intel is working to fill the skills gap and make AI technology accessible to tomorrow's innovators. The portfolio of Intel® Digital Readiness Programs "empower the non-technical audiences with the appropriate skill sets, mindsets, toolsets, and opportunities to use technology impactfully and responsibly in the AI-fueled world."

Gamification Employee TrainingIncorporating gaming elements into workplace training and development has become more and more popular in recent years.  Gamification is gaining adherents from companies of all sizes for employee onboarding, process education, and product training.

The Intel® Retail Edge Program has experienced extraordinary success with gamification and has found that presenting information in a gamified manner to sales associates helps to improve content acquisition and engagement.


Retail sales associate knowledge and skillsModern shoppers are better equipped to find the products they need than ever before. Many perform research about significant purchases before they start shopping.

Despite those consumer habits, great in-person service matters more than ever. Shoppers expect sales associates to be knowledgeable and helpful while delivering a memorable shopping experience.

Retail computer add-onsThe right peripherals, connectors, and accessories can make or break a tech setup for your customers.

Helping your sales staff to recommend the best choices and add-ons for computers, gaming systems, virtual reality (VR) devices, and other high-tech items creates the best buying experiences for customers in your store.

Retail sales enablement strategiesSales enablement isn't a new term, but it continues to trend in the retail world. As shoppers return to stores, many retailers recognize their sales enablement strategies of the past don't match the new behaviors and expectations of customers today.

It's more important than ever for sales associates to have access to as many resources as possible to meet customers where they are in the buying process and generate sales.

Back to school computer salesAfter a hectic year of uncertainty and change, the upcoming Back-to-School season offers a breath of fresh air for both shoppers and retailers. This year follows a marked decline in school shopping and retail sales as a whole during the pandemic.

Having a knowledgeable team of empowered and prepared associates can make all the difference during this critical sales period.

Retail sales associate training and developmentFrontline retail sales associates are the faces of a company and usually the first point of contact. Not only do they act as brand ambassadors, but they provide a lasting make-or-break experience for customers.

Contrary to popular belief, traditional retail still reigns supreme. Those valuable one-on-one interactions directly impact sales, so it pays to develop the retail skills of your associates.

Retail mystery shoppingA mystery shop can be an extremely useful tool and a strategic method of changing behavior and reaching more people.

Since it was first employed in the 1940s to analyze employee integrity, mystery shopping has evolved to become a research tool used by organizations and companies to understand the brand sentiment and rate the customer experience by understanding the customer-sales associate interaction.

Retail sales associate product knowledgeAs customers and the nation’s economy emerge from the year-long pandemic quarantine, stores should be ready for the uptick in shoppers. A recent report compiled by The Harris Poll indicated that 62% of U.S. consumers plan to shop in stores at least once per week.

The report also found that, “Companies, in trying to recover, adapt, and evolve must understand the evolution of Americans, who are digitally accelerated, hyper-resourceful, and ever-mindful."

Retail category merchandisingYour customers are complex. They cross multiple demographics, exhibit less brand loyalty than in the past, and come well-armed with product knowledge from their social networks and own research.

These characteristics make it challenging to adopt a one-size-fits-all strategy to category merchandising in your store. Incorporating a well-thought-out and designed merchandising strategy can help.

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