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How to increase in-store foot trafficFinding ways to attract customers to brick-and-mortar locations is critical to the ongoing success of retailers. Online retailers have had a significant impact on the number of consumers who shop locally. 
The right strategies provide added incentives for shoppers to shop in-store rather than online. Focusing on the ways in which your stores differ from online shopping venues can have a positive effect on your foot traffic and sales.
By working with your sales associates to create a welcoming and poitive atmosphere and to provide the most accurate and up-to-date guidance for your customers, you can achieve the best results when competing with online-only vendors.

PC Devices for Back-to-SchoolTaking advantage of the back-to-school shopping season helps your store achieve higher sales and increased traffic. The 2017 season is expected to see an increase in tech sales over 2016. Understanding the current trends in back-to-school shopping is crucial in capturing the business the of these shoppers. 

Here are some effective marketing strategies to employ during the late summer and fall of this year.

Intel Retail Training Program for Sales AssociatesWhile an extremely popular component of the Intel® Retail Edge Program is the opportunity it offers your participating sales associates to earn great prizes†, rewards, and discounts, its real impact lies in educating them.
“Want to say you guys have been very helpful in my journey as a sales associate. I was so lost, specifically in computer sales with most of my interactions with customers, and you guys have assisted me in growing so much from customer skills to product knowledge. Now I can finally feel confident when I am in the computer section and am making a big sale.”  Intel® Retail Edge Program member
The Program consists of educational and professional development sections that work in conjunction with each other to create a holistic design to increase the knowledge and motivation levels of your sales associates.
Intel® Core™ i9 X-series processors
Each year Intel® continues to push die-size, speed, and processor core numbers further to power the products your customers want and need. This year, the new desktop Intel® Core™ i9 X-series processor family will provide your customers with even more possibilities to create amazing experiences. They will also provide you with new and exciting opportunities for desktop sales. 
The 10-core Intel® Core™ i7-6950X processor released last year exceeded expectations and provided the first glimpse into the new capabilities available on desktop PCs. 
Back-to-School PC salesIt’s hard to believe school will begin in only a few weeks. Taking advantage of the back-to-school shopping season helps your store achieve higher sales and increased traffic. 
The consumer electronics industry is expected to enjoy a significant boost as parents prepare their children for the demands of primary, secondary, and higher education. Helping to provide increased sales for many stores are the 16 states that now offer back-to-school “sales tax holidays” on specific items, most of which include PC devices, computer-related accessories, computer hardware and software, etc.

Edge Crew Road TourThe Edge Crew of the Intel® Retail Edge Program recently returned from a road tour promoting the Score with Intel® Core competition. Crew members met with retail sales associates and managers to discuss this year’s competition that’s currently underway. 

Crew members visit with hundreds of associates and managers during the year to talk about the benefits of participating in the Intel® Retail Edge Program as well as spread the word on the various competitions and promotions held throughout the year.

Intel® Retail Edge Program manager appMany sales associates who participate in the Intel® Retail Edge Program take advantage of the mobile app that allows them to learn and earn at anytime from anywhere. Available for iPhone* and Android* users, 71 percent of participants active in the Program find the app useful1.

Our retail partners have indicated they would like an app unique to managers that allows them to access information on their stores and employees who participate in the Program. Good news! There’s an app for that and it will be available soon!

Retail Product TrainingSales associates occupy the frontline of any brand strategy. They are direct influencers of customers ready to purchase products. Well-trained, knowledgeable, and friendly sales staff increase sales while steering customers away from competitors.
Your product partners must ensure their training programs for your staff are the best they can be and that they continually evolve to keep pace with today’s market and consumers. Effective product and sales training programs use a variety of elements to create a successful learning environment for participants. 

Retail Sales Associate Product TrainingOne of the best ways to empower your sales associates is to give them access to information and tools that educate them about the products you are asking them to sell and how to best present them to customers.  

The benefits of associate product knowledge impacts most every facet of the retail business from store revenue to customer loyalty. Here are three areas that are highly impacted by the product knowledge level of retail sales associates.

Tech Trends in RetailStaying current with the latest advances in technology helps retailers stay relevant and financially viable. This is especially critical for companies that specialize in consumer electronics and technology.

By incorporating the latest and greatest tech into your marketing strategies, you can enjoy greater local saturation and increased loyalty among your regular customers. 

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