Revolutionizing Holiday Retail: Engaging Tech Trends and Strategies for All Generations

The holiday season is a pivotal period for retailers, particularly those specializing in PC sales and technology. During this time, there's a heightened consumer interest in the latest computing products, ranging from high-performance desktops to sleek, portable laptops.

By focusing on exceptional customer service tailored to the specific needs of PC buyers and implementing targeted marketing strategies that highlight the unique features and benefits of their computer offerings, retailers can establish a strong presence in the competitive physical retail landscape. 

Posted: 11/16/23

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Tapping into Tomorrow: Why Brands Must Target Generations Alpha and Z in Holiday Marketing

In the ever-evolving retail realm, adapting to shifting consumer preferences is paramount. Recently, two generations, Generation Alpha and Generation Z, have emerged as pivotal forces in the market. For brands, recognizing the significance of these generations in their sales and marketing strategies, especially during the holiday season, is imperative.

As the 2023 holiday season approaches, brands must understand the importance of these generations in their sales and marketing strategies to maintain a competitive edge.

Posted: 11/1/23

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Redefining eLearning: Engage, Inspire, and Achieve Meaningful Outcomes

A well-constructed platform for learning, communication, and collaboration is essential. Many have embraced engagement platforms for training corporate employees.

Formal eLearning can be an instrumental avenue to introduce new concepts, foster community ties, and cultivate effective, cohesive teams.

Posted: 10/13/23

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The Impact of the Intel® Retail Edge Program on K-12 Schools

The Intel® Retail Edge Program has consistently supported K-12 schools over the years. Our new video montage captures the essence of our impact on schools, students, and communities.

In collaboration with retail stores, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and leaders in the scholastic esports industry, we've been able to give back to local communities through initiatives such as Score with Intel® Core™ and Intel PC Champions.

Posted: 9/8/23

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The Intel® Retail Edge Program Fosters Community Connections Through Training Competition

The Intel® Retail Edge Program celebrated a significant achievement with the conclusion of its highly anticipated summer training initiative - the Intel PC Champions (IPC) Competition.

The Competition showcases retail expertise and is a testament to Intel’s commitment to education, community enrichment, and collaborative innovation.

Posted: 8/31/23

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Adapting the Retail PC Landscape for Informed Digital Generations

In this modern retail landscape, sales managers and their teams must proactively stay ahead of their knowledgeable customers.

Harnessing technology and training resources will be instrumental in attracting and serving the diverse needs of Millennials, Gen Z, and budding Gen Alpha customers.

Posted: 8/8/23

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Redefining Sales Enablement for Today's Empowered Retail Customer

Sales enablement isn't a new term, but it continues to trend in the retail world. Since shoppers have returned to stores, many retailers recognize their past sales enablement strategies don't match customers' new behaviors and expectations today.

Retail managers understand it's more important than ever for their associates to have access to as many resources as possible to meet customers where they are in the buying process and generate sales.

Posted: 7/7/23

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4 Core Pillars of a Successful Online Training Program

Core pillars are fundamental components that serve as the basis for an eLearning training program. They are interwoven throughout each module or section of the program and are equally and dependent on each other for success.


Posted: 6/21/23

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Leveraging Product Knowledge to Meet Shoppers' Evolving Expectations

Today’s shopper is resourceful, often conducting extensive product research before even setting foot in a physical store. Nonetheless, in the ever-evolving retail landscape, high-quality in-person interactions with associates remain an irreplaceable commodity.

Customers anticipate well-informed and supportive sales associates who can offer a memorable shopping experience.

Posted: 6/9/23

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Boosting Retail Team Performance Through Targeted Training

One of the critical elements in driving business success in PC retail lies in maintaining a high-performing retail team. But how can you improve and sustain the performance of your sales team? The answer lies in one word: Training.

A well-trained team can boost sales, foster a positive work environment, and contribute to your brand's reputation.

Posted: 5/22/23

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