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PC Sales Associate TrainingThe role of your sales associates in attracting and retaining customers cannot be overlooked. A study conducted by Salesfloor* reveals that 87 percent of respondents indicated that sales associates in the retail environment had an impact on their buying decisions.1

Almost 60 percent of these individuals felt that online shopping venues failed to deliver the same level of service as brick-and-mortar stores in their local area.

Ensuring your sales team is well-trained on the products they sell and how to create amazing customer experiences will create great success for your stores, your employees, and your customers.

Read on to find out how to best impact the buying decisions of your customers.

Increase In Store Customer EngagementAttracting customers to brick-and-mortar locations helps retailers achieve greater success and profitability. With more and more people looking online to find the best deals on tech products, you must incorporate innovative methods to not only attract, but engage your customers to increase store sales.

Here are six tips to help you and your sales associates reach and engage with shoppers who come to your store looking for the latest PCs and other tech products.

Intel 5G technologyWith the successful rollout of 5G technologies at this year's Winter Olympics, Intel displayed the unlimited potential of this next-generation connectivity.

Attendees at last week’s Mobile World Congress* (MWC*) got a glimpse of the technology in action on 5G-connected detachable 2 in 1s powered by 8th gen Intel® Core™ i5 processors.

These new devices paired with this cutting-edge technology will revolutionize the PC experience.

Create an amazing in-store customer experienceResearch performed by the experts at Econsultancy* indicates that creating the right experience for customers in retail tech stores can have a real impact on traffic and repeat business. 

By surrounding shoppers with an immersive experience, you can boost their engagement levels and build brand loyalty in the highly competitive retail tech industry. 

Drive Customer Engagement with Sales Associate TrainingProviding your sales associates with the right training options lets them boost engagement with customers and enhance the reputation and public image of your stores.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is one of the most effective ways to ensure repeat business and to build positive relationships.

Here are some of the most important reasons to provide advanced training opportunities for your sales associates.

Connecting with retail customersPersonal service is one of the most important points of differentiation between online vendors and brick-and-mortar retailers. The Capgemini* research found that just 30% of business organizations lived up to the expectations of their customers. 

Your sales associates probably have the most significant impact on the impression your brand makes on your customers. Presenting a confident and knowledgeable image is crucial to your success

8th gen Intel® Core™ processorsThe 8th gen Intel® Core™ processors designed for mobile devices are revolutionizing the world of consumer technology with advanced capabilities that include 4K ultra-high definition video reproduction, improved security features, and a much longer charge life for portable devices.1

Devices equipped with these top-end processors are slimmer and more portable, allowing your customers to enjoy greater convenience when working or playing on the go.

Retail Customer ExperiencesCreating the right customer experience is essential for modern retailers in the technology field. Ensuring that all the bells and whistles are in place to attract shoppers and to retain your existing customer base can help you stand out from your competition.

An article published in the Harvard Business Review* highlights some of the ways in which to reach customers more effectively and enhance their experience in your stores.

Mixed reality headsetsYou may be hearing a lot about mixed-reality video and how it is revolutionizing both the world of gaming and the movie experience for many customers.

These advanced technologies are ideally suited for creating immersive worlds for players or viewers, allowing a shared perspective on the world of the game or video. 

Intel is at the cutting edge of these brand-new technologies with processors powerful enough to manage the extreme demands of the emerging mixed-reality video scene.

Increase PC device sales through key performance indicatorsKey performance indicators (KPIs) are a measure of the extent to which your stores are meeting their objectives. As such, they allow you to compare the performance and profitability of the stores you manage and help you manage supply chain issues, operating margins, and sales revenue more effectively. 

Finding ways to boost your KPIs across the board and in specific stores allows you to achieve higher profits and a bigger share of the market in your local community. 

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