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Intel Go PC CampaignThere are real-world benchmarks, and there is real-world usage, and a PC with an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor delivers real-world results. A Mac? Not so much.

To help your customers understand the real differences between an Intel® Core™ processor-powered laptop and a Mac, Intel has launched the #GoPC ad campaign.

Tips to engage customers buying computersWith more and more people looking online to find the best deals on tech products, retailers must incorporate innovative methods to not only attract but engage customers to increase store sales.

Here are six tips to help you and your sales associates reach and engage with shoppers who come to your store in search of the latest computers and other tech products.

Increase Sales Associate RetentionOne reality of almost every retail sales manager’s existence is turnover. Specifically, employee turnover rates are too high and seemingly unending. Finding ways to reduce turnover can be challenging, particularly for managers who work in tech retail's continually evolving world.

One area should be part of any plan to reduce employee turnover and promote retention. It is often overlooked but can empower employees and help them recognize the benefit of staying a part of your team.

Computer Retail Sales AssociatesComputer retail sales associates need a wide range of skills to effectively and successfully interact with customers. The retail market has experienced many changes, yet one thing has remained constant. Shoppers rely on sales associates to recommend the right products for their needs.

With the continued growth of the technology sector, sales associates must possess a skill set beyond general technical knowledge to build a solid relationship with customers.

Computers with Intel ProcessorsAt CES 2021, Intel previewed new processors and technologies designed to offer premium computing experiences, particularly for your business, gaming, and mobile customers. With the arrival of more than 50 processors for business, education, mobile, and gaming platforms powering more than 500 new laptop and desktop designs, 2021 will be an exciting year for many of your customers.

Check out a few of the highlights from the all-virtual event.

Retail sales associate training programsAudience engagement is critical to the success of any learning environment. It is especially true in corporate eLearning, where there are plenty of obstacles that can limit success. Yet, beyond a doubt, there are steps to take to ensure outstanding results and engagement.

Take a look at the 10+ core components that we’ve incorporated into the Intel® Retail Edge Program to make retail sales associate engagement successful.

Selling computers to older customersTechnology changes so quickly, and it can be difficult for anyone, regardless of age, to keep up with the latest computer capabilities. Retail sales associates interact with all types of customers who have a wide range of technology skills and understanding.

Older customers, particularly those who have been out of the workforce for a while, might require more guidance in selecting the right desktop or laptop. This can leave some associates feeling unsure about helping them make the best choices.

Retail sales associate team buildingThere’s no doubt that retail sales is one of the most widespread employment choices. It also happens to be among the most competitive. That competition happens between retailers and various brands. It’s also present between locations of the same chain. it even exists between team members in the same store.

Developing and maintaining a cohesive team in the face of competition is essential to success. That’s why management must make a committed and intentional effort to foster a team environment. 

11th Gen Intel Core ProcessorsWhile holiday shopping might look a bit different this year, research indicates that retail spending will rise 1% to 1.5% between November and January. As more customers return to in-store shopping, they’ll have plenty to be excited about when it comes to the latest computers powered by Intel.

With the recent release of 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and the Intel® Evo™ platform, your associates will have sleek new laptop designs to showcase to customers.

Disengaged retail sales associatesIf you’ve heard different interpretations of employee engagement, don’t feel alone. It can mean many things to many people. Some may say it focuses on how committed employees are to the mission and goals of the company. Others may cite how satisfied employees are with their work. There are plenty of other definitions in between.

Whatever your working definition of employee engagement, one thing is clear: if employees are not engaged, it’s time to make some changes. 

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