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Read some of the success stories from members who are participating in the Intel® Retail Edge Program.

The Intel® Retail Edge Program really benefits me on the sales floor because instead of saying "I don't know" or "let me check" I already have the information customers need.

With all of the changes happening in technology, the Intel® Retail Edge Program provides a great way to stay up to date and relevant by keeping information fun and interesting.

I sell a ton of Intel products because of this program. I make sure every customer leaves understanding the power of a quality processor. I used to be a huge AMD* fanboy, but thanks to Intel, I've seen the light.

The Intel® Retail Edge Program provides knowledge that I can use on the sales floor with our customers. The videos, reading material, games and most important prizes, keeps me motivated to keep learning more about Intel technologies.

I enjoy learning about new technologies that Intel continues to release so that I can immerse customers in an experience rather than just listing off specs.

Without a doubt [the Intel® Retail Edge Program] is the best training site out there.

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