Don't Miss the 2022 Walt Disney World® EGF High School National Championship

The popularity and growth of esports have exploded and a growing number of high schools and colleges are implementing esports programs. The Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) operates varsity leagues for collegiate, high school, and youth programs.

On June 17-19, over 100 high school teams will gather at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex to compete in the 2022 Walt Disney World® EGF High School National Championship.

Posted: 6/15/22

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Retail Managers Buckle Up to Win Big in Score with Intel® Core™ Competition

Customers are back, and so is our most popular learning campaign, Score with Intel® Core™! In just a few days, the Intel® Retail Edge Program will kick off Score with Intel® Core™: Next Gen Heroes.

This competition presents an amazing opportunity for retail managers to support, engage, and impact stores, associates, customers, and local communities. It has all the elements loved by associates, retailers, managers, and local schools.

Posted: 6/13/22

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Get the Essential Retail PC Sales Tool

The latest devices give consumers access to virtually unlimited resources while they shop. While shoppers browse your store, they may also use their smartphones to compare prices and features, read reviews, and even ask their friends for advice.

According to a study by RetailMeNot, 66% of shoppers check their smartphones for information instead of asking a sales associate; however, 80% of sales continue to occur in the retail store.

Posted: 5/24/22

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Take Advantage of Engaging Training to Shrink the Retail Skills Gap

Skills gaps are becoming an increasingly common issue across all industries. Digital technologies continue to transform the way we work and do business for the better. However, it's also getting harder for workers to keep up.

Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome skills and knowledge gaps to help your team reach their full potential on the sales floor. 

Posted: 5/10/22

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Winning In-Store Customers by Reducing Friction

Making the customer buying experience as smooth and easy as possible can increase sales and brand loyalty. Removing friction points during the sales process is critical to ensure the best experience for each customer who enters your store.

The right product and sales training are critical to helping your sales associates present the most accurate information and deliver the most immersive buying experience for your customers.

Posted: 4/21/22

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Strategic Training Techniques to Negate the Forgetting Curve

The Forgetting Curve is a theory that represents how the human brain loses information over time. The theory shows how quickly people forget simple facts over a relatively short period. The best way to help your sales associates overcome the Forgetting Curve is to keep the concept in mind with planning your training.

Understanding how the mind retains information can make all the difference.

Posted: 4/8/22

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The Importance of an Effective Retail Training Program

As a manager, you can't personally impart all the information necessary for your associates to excel on the salesfloor and improve your store's performance. You've got too many other fires burning.

That's where training programs come in. According to RetailEXPO research, 64% of shoppers say that knowledgeable associates make them more likely to visit a physical store, and 75% are likely to spend more after receiving high-quality service from in-store sales associates. 

Posted: 3/18/22

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Tips for Increasing PC Sales and Employee Motivation

Every sales manager continually strives to motivate their sales team and improve their performance. There is no single cure-all to accomplish those goals, but these six best practices have been proven successful.

Even if some of them already look familiar, it never hurts to re-evaluate how they are applied in your stores.

Posted: 3/3/22

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Celebrating 20 Years of the Intel® Retail Edge Program

August 2022 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the Intel® Retail Edge Program, but the Celebration begins in February!

Make sure your sales associates don't miss out on what's in store as we celebrate the Program's anniversary - all year long! 

Posted: 2/25/22

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Retail Associate Training: Why You Need to Evaluate Program Success

According to the 2021 Training Industry Report, U.S. companies spent $92.3 billion in training expenditures in 2020-2021. Employers spent about $1,071 per learner, and large retailers and wholesalers had the highest average of training hours provided (266). 

Training programs must provide measurable results. Unfortunately, some businesses fail to take the necessary steps to measure the effectiveness of their training efforts.


Posted: 2/4/22

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