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Retail sales associate training and developmentFrontline retail sales associates are the faces of a company and usually the first point of contact. Not only do they act as brand ambassadors, but they provide a lasting make-or-break experience for customers.

Contrary to popular belief, traditional retail still reigns supreme. Those valuable one-on-one interactions directly impact sales, so it pays to develop the retail skills of your associates.

Retail mystery shoppingA mystery shop can be an extremely useful tool and a strategic method of changing behavior and reaching more people.

Since it was first employed in the 1940s to analyze employee integrity, mystery shopping has evolved to become a research tool used by organizations and companies to understand the brand sentiment and rate the customer experience by understanding the customer-sales associate interaction.

Retail sales associate product knowledgeAs customers and the nation’s economy emerge from the year-long pandemic quarantine, stores should be ready for the uptick in shoppers. A recent report compiled by The Harris Poll indicated that 62% of U.S. consumers plan to shop in stores at least once per week.

The report also found that, “Companies, in trying to recover, adapt, and evolve must understand the evolution of Americans, who are digitally accelerated, hyper-resourceful, and ever-mindful."

Retail category merchandisingYour customers are complex. They cross multiple demographics, exhibit less brand loyalty than in the past, and come well-armed with product knowledge from their social networks and own research.

These characteristics make it challenging to adopt a one-size-fits-all strategy to category merchandising in your store. Incorporating a well-thought-out and designed merchandising strategy can help.

Retail Sales Associate eLearning TrainingLearning is a never-ending process and one of the most amazing opportunities we as human beings have to find joy through growth. During the school-age years, learning proficiency is most often assessed through testing.

However, as we mature and move into specialized roles inside organizations, an assessment is only one piece of a very rich puzzle that points toward the ultimate goal of most learning initiatives: creating behavioral change.

Build a successful retail sales teamFostering an atmosphere of cooperation provides your store with tangible benefits that go beyond a more pleasant working environment. The right team-building strategies allow your team members to work together to create the opportunity for a sale and to support each other more effectively throughout their daily routines.

Here are some proven strategies for promoting cooperation over competition within your sales team.

Customer body languageA detailed understanding of customer behavior isn’t only derived from data. In-store, one-on-one interactions between associates and customers reveal essential information. The body language exhibited during these interactions can be quite telling.

Some look only to provide tools and tips for the body language needed by associates when talking with customers. Flipping this coin is equally important. The customer’s body language provides your sales team with valuable insights into their likely attitudes and thought processes.

Intel Go PC CampaignThere are real-world benchmarks, and there is real-world usage, and a PC with an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor delivers real-world results. A Mac? Not so much.

To help your customers understand the real differences between an Intel® Core™ processor-powered laptop and a Mac, Intel has launched the #GoPC ad campaign.

Tips to engage customers buying computersWith more and more people looking online to find the best deals on tech products, retailers must incorporate innovative methods to not only attract but engage customers to increase store sales.

Here are six tips to help you and your sales associates reach and engage with shoppers who come to your store in search of the latest computers and other tech products.

Increase Sales Associate RetentionOne reality of almost every retail sales manager’s existence is turnover. Specifically, employee turnover rates are too high and seemingly unending. Finding ways to reduce turnover can be challenging, particularly for managers who work in tech retail's continually evolving world.

One area should be part of any plan to reduce employee turnover and promote retention. It is often overlooked but can empower employees and help them recognize the benefit of staying a part of your team.

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