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Gamification in TrainingGamification is gaining adherents from companies of all sizes for employee onboarding, process education, and product training. The Intel® Retail Edge Program has experienced outstanding success with the use of gamification and has found that presenting information in a gamified manner to sales associates helps to improve content acquisition and engagement.

When associates engage with the Intel® Retail Edge Program, they feel energized about gaining detailed knowledge regarding new Intel® products and technologies, customer interaction techniques, and tips for increasing sales.

Customer shopping for computerOne of the biggest shopping trends is the practice of showrooming. This occurs when shoppers visit brick-and-mortar stores to try out products they may be interested in buying but complete the purchase online rather than in-store.

The popularity and near-universal adoption of mobile communication devices and smartphones have made it easier than ever for your customers to compare prices and check availability of products online. This can present significant challenges for tech retailers with brick-and-mortar locations and overhead costs that must be figured into product pricing.

PCs for Small BusinessesSmall business owners or entrepreneurs sometimes get lost in the retail sector mix as they look for computers and accessories for their company needs. Staying current with the latest developments in new devices and technologies specific to these customers is a must in order to create the best in-store experience to meet their unique needs.

It’s important that your sales associates understand this special market segment in order to create more successful customer interactions. Many of these customers will use the same PC for both business and personal needs.

Training your associates to address both sides of the coin is key.

Help customers understand new technologies and devicesNew technologies and tech products are entering the marketplace at break-neck speeds. So much so, that it can be difficult to keep up with it all even if you’re in the business of retail PC and technology sales.

Providing your employees with the right tools and training can be a solid first step toward success in marketing new PC products, peripherals, and technologies and offering the best possible service for your valued customers.

Intel® processor training for retail sales associatesSales associate training is a significant investment. Selecting the right types of training pays off in added device and technology sales and improved customer loyalty.

Assessing the skills and knowledge base of your current sales associates helps you to decide on the best way to approach the training process. This allows you to play to your team's strengths while ensuring the most effective use of your available resources.

Retail computer salesPerhaps someday online retail will engage more than the eyes and ears of their customers. Meanwhile, brick-and-mortar stores offer customers sensory engagement, direct product expertise, plus “here and now” gratification. These advantages and more provide a rich shopping experience unavailable online.

So, what are a few steps your store can accomplish to optimize its unique advantages over online-only retailers? How will you create memorable customer journeys that get talked about?

Intel at CES* 2019CES* 2019 didn’t disappoint in exciting crowds with the latest technology innovations for the consumer sector. As always, Intel generated a lot of buzz.

Show attendees caught a glimpse of the latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), 5G networking, next-gen Wi-Fi, autonomous vehicles (AV), and the future of computing.

Intel at CES* 2019Last week at CES* 2019, Intel announced a number of inspiring and exciting technology advancements. Not the least of these is the addition of six new members of the 9th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processor family.

As with the first release of the 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processors in 2018, these latest processors are designed to support all customer needs from casual computing to professional content creation and high-end gaming.

Retail computer salesThe retail landscape has undergone a quiet revolution over the last decade as customers gained access to almost unlimited research resources on the internet for their purchasing decisions. Whereas they once relied on companies and brands for information, today they source multiple websites to compare prices, read reviews, or converse with other customers.

Read on to understand how the present paradigm continues to evolve increasingly customer-led sales strategies as exemplified by Always Be Helping (ABH).

Help customers buy a new computerDesktops, laptops, and 2 in 1s are part of everyday life for most people. These devices keep us informed, entertained, and connected to those who matter most. 

Making sure your stores implement proven strategies to win your fair share of customers can boost sales and profitability for your company. With PC sales back on the upswing, your approach to the customer experience is more important than ever. 

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