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Retail computer salesThe retail landscape has undergone a quiet revolution over the last decade as customers gained access to almost unlimited research resources on the internet for their purchasing decisions. Whereas they once relied on companies and brands for information, today they source multiple websites to compare prices, read reviews, or converse with other customers.

Read on to understand how the present paradigm continues to evolve increasingly customer-led sales strategies as exemplified by Always Be Helping (ABH).

Help customers buy a new computerDesktops, laptops, and 2 in 1s are part of everyday life for most people. These devices keep us informed, entertained, and connected to those who matter most. 

Making sure your stores implement proven strategies to win your fair share of customers can boost sales and profitability for your company. With PC sales back on the upswing, your approach to the customer experience is more important than ever. 

Best Employee MotivatorsFinding the right motivational strategies can have a significant impact on members of a sales team. Understanding the key principles of motivation can help you manage your sales associates more effectively and provide you with a solid framework for future growth and profitability.

While every individual is different, here are three motivators that have proven useful with successful sales associates.

Sell More Computers During the HolidaysThe Consumer Technology Association* projects a record-setting $96.1 billion will be spent on technology products in the U.S. between October and December of this year. The right marketing strategies help your stores achieve higher profitability and increased sales during the upcoming 2018 Holiday season. 

By putting the right plans into action, your stores can take full advantage of this peak sales season. Here are some of the most practical marketing strategies to brighten the Holiday outlook for your stores. 

Sell More PCs with New 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processorsYour desktop PC customers have something new to cheer as Intel recently announced the debut of three unlocked 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. These feature more cores, more threads, and more performance to deliver what your customers need to take their gaming, recording, and streaming to the next level.1,2

This announcement has created quite the buzz. Do your sales associates have the information needed to answer customer questions about these new processors?

Building Customer TrustProviding your staff with the right training can supercharge your sales team and help to deliver the best possible experiences for customers. Product training is especially important in the ever-evolving retail tech industry. 

Making sure your sales associates have the most up-to-date and accurate knowledge about the PCs and other tech products on your shelves helps you create a bond of trust with customers that allows you to enjoy the highest degree of success.

Intel CorporationTwo middle-aged engineers named Gordon Moore and Bob Noyce quit their jobs in order to ponder what might possible - to imagine, to question, and to do wonderful in pursuit of a better future. That quest began 50 years ago on July 18, 1968 with the incorporation of Intel (short for integrated electronics).

Initially, Intel made computer memory, but in 1971 Intel’s invention of the microprocessor was truly game-changing. Now, the technology wasn’t just about storing data, it was about processing that data.

Retail PC SalesWe all strive to do more with less by simplifying daily tasks, whether it be finding a faster or less stressful commute route or meeting our shopping needs quickly with minimal hassle. Retailers who recognize this universal need in their customers provide ways to speed up and facilitate customer shopping journeys in and out of their stores.

Despite increased efforts to reach out to new and existing customers via in-store apps, beacons, or digital displays along with omnichannel marketing efforts, retailers may miss out on straightforward methods to increase relevance to their customers.

Retain Retail PC CustomersWhile attracting new customers is necessary to achieve added revenue streams and increased profitability, customer retention is essential to your store’s ongoing operations.

The financial experts at Forbes* have identified several different strategies that will boost your ability to retain customers and sell more devices and tech products.

Back to School Computer SalesAs summer begins to wind down, many families are considering the purchase of a new PC or laptop computer. Knowing what to look for can help your customers make the most effective use of their financial resources and provide them with the computing power needed for work, school, and play. 

The National Retail Foundation* (NRF*) estimates this year’s back-to-school and college spending is projected to reach $82.8 billion. The economy is up, and consumer confidence is up, so this is a great time to get your PC sales up.

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