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Score with Intel Core competitionThe Intel® Retail Edge Program recently wrapped up our 10th anniversary Score with Intel® Core™ competition. Score with Intel® Core™ is our annual retail learning competition that brings sales teams together to work for a common goal as they learn about Intel® products and technologies.

This year, we saw our second highest number of participating sales associates and our best year ever in the number of registered General Managers.

Retail PC customersWhat does it take to be an outstanding retail sales associate? The retail sales industry in general requires a unique individual in order to truly be successful. This is particularly true in specialty sectors such as retail computer and technology sales.

There are a lot of factors that go into defining success in retail PC sales. Along with metrics and standards retailers have in place, we find there are traits common among associates who tend to generate more PC sales, particularly of premium devices.

PC Sales during the holidaysHiring holiday help is common for most retailers. In fact, there are indications that retailers will seek more holiday help than usual this season. The retail sector is expected to hire between 530,000 and 590,000 temporary workers during the holidays.

Additionally, retail sales between November and December are expected to increase between 3.8 percent and 4.2 percent. How do you go about hiring holiday help?

Retail PC customersIntel® Adaptix™ technology is a collection of four free software tools, three of which assist your customers in achieving outstanding performance from their PCs.1 They use machine learning algorithms and advanced power controls to optimize processor and graphics settings.1

It’s important for your sales team to understand these software tools in order to relay to customers the significant value and benefits they add to applicable PCs powered by Intel® processors.

10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors for laptops The 2019 holiday season promises to be an exciting one for your customers that seek the most capable generation of Intel® Core™ processors yet in remarkably thin-and-light laptops and 2 in 1s. There are a lot of details about this generation of processors that your sales associates must internalize to effectively communicate the benefits of new laptops and 2 in 1s that will soon begin arriving in your stores.

Find out about the new features and capabilities of these 11 new integrated processors.

Back to School ComputersAs students prepare to return to school, customers are already looking for new PCs and peripherals to meet their needs. The Back-to-School season is one of your major sales cycles of the year, and it's an excellent opportunity for your sales associates to boost store sales.

Your sales team should be up-to-speed on the latest devices and peripherals to provide greater value and more applicable recommendations to customers.

9th Gen Intel® Core™ Mobile ProcessorsThe release of 9th Gen Intel® Core™ H-series processors creates more sales opportunities for customers who want desktop performance in a mobile device.1 These processors were designed with gamers and creators in mind, but there’s a processor for every computing need in this family.

There are currently 130 million PC- based content creators and 2.3 billion PC gamers who need the performance and responsiveness to handle taxing workloads and demanding AAA games.1 These new processors will make great recommendations for your on-the-go customers who are interested in gaming, recording, streaming, video editing, and more.

10th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processorsRight on the heels of the launch of 9th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors comes the announcement of 10th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors on new CPU and GPU architectures based on Intel’s advanced 10nm process. 

Announced at COMPUTEX* 2019, the 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors usher in immersive entertainment on remarkably thin and light, ultra-portable devices for your customers living fast-paced lives.

Score with Intel CoreWrapping up the awards ceremonies for the 2018 Score with Intel® Core® competition, I was reminded once again of the amazing things that happen when people unite to reach a common goal. It’s a learning campaign that goes beyond sales associates simply taking training online or taking training in the store.

Score with Intel® Core™ is really about galvanizing an entire sales team. Bringing people together for a common goal and inspiring them to act as a team.

Gamification in TrainingGamification is gaining adherents from companies of all sizes for employee onboarding, process education, and product training. The Intel® Retail Edge Program has experienced outstanding success with the use of gamification and has found that presenting information in a gamified manner to sales associates helps to improve content acquisition and engagement.

When associates engage with the Intel® Retail Edge Program, they feel energized about gaining detailed knowledge regarding new Intel® products and technologies, customer interaction techniques, and tips for increasing sales.

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