Adapting the Retail PC Landscape for Informed Digital Generations

In this modern retail landscape, sales managers and their teams must proactively stay ahead of their knowledgeable customers.

Harnessing technology and training resources will be instrumental in attracting and serving the diverse needs of Millennials, Gen Z, and budding Gen Alpha customers.

Posted: 8/8/23

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Redefining Sales Enablement for Today's Empowered Retail Customer

Sales enablement isn't a new term, but it continues to trend in the retail world. Since shoppers have returned to stores, many retailers recognize their past sales enablement strategies don't match customers' new behaviors and expectations today.

Retail managers understand it's more important than ever for their associates to have access to as many resources as possible to meet customers where they are in the buying process and generate sales.

Posted: 7/7/23

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4 Core Pillars of a Successful Online Training Program

Core pillars are fundamental components that serve as the basis for an eLearning training program. They are interwoven throughout each module or section of the program and are equally and dependent on each other for success.


Posted: 6/21/23

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Boosting Retail Team Performance Through Targeted Training

One of the critical elements in driving business success in PC retail lies in maintaining a high-performing retail team. But how can you improve and sustain the performance of your sales team? The answer lies in one word: Training.

A well-trained team can boost sales, foster a positive work environment, and contribute to your brand's reputation.

Posted: 5/22/23

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5 Ways to Drive PC Sales While Delivering Excellent Customer Service

In the world of retail computer sales, success depends on the quality of your sales team. Your associates are the ones who interact directly with customers and represent your brand.

Ensuring they are well-trained and equipped with the necessary skills to drive sales and provide excellent customer service is crucial. 

Posted: 4/7/23

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Retail PC Sales Training: 5 Ways to Benefit

Making the right connections with customers helps solidify repeat business for retailers. This is especially critical in consumer retail technology.

By providing customers with the most accurate information about the PCs they are considering, your sales associates build trust that can endure beyond a single purchase.

Here are five key benefits of increasing product knowledge among your sales associates.

Posted: 2/21/23

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Simplify the PC Shopping Journey

Customers can access digital tools for researching products, such as retail websites, social media, and review sites. These enable shoppers to research laptops, desktops, and peripherals at their leisure.

However, statistics show that customers still prefer shopping in physical stores where they can touch and feel products before buying. This is something that online-only retailers cannot offer.

Posted: 2/7/23

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How Product Training Can Help Build Customer Trust in Retail Environments

Product training is a critical but often overlooked aspect of retail customer service. It is an opportunity to build customer trust and confidence in both the products being sold and the store.

Training also provides the product knowledge necessary to deliver the best in-store shopping experiences. In today’s competitive retail environment, product training can be the difference between a customer making a purchase and leaving the store empty-handed.

Posted: 1/10/23

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Celebrating 75 Years of The Transistor

The world will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the transistor on December 16, 2022. Viewed as the building block for almost every electronic system, this microelectronic component was invented by Bell Labs in 1947.

A transistor is a semiconductor device that allows an electrical current to flow through it. This current can send, receive and process digital data in the form of 1s and 0s.

Posted: 12/9/22

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