The Role of Product Knowledge in Maximizing Retail PC Success


Retail PC sales associateCreating lasting connections with customers is more crucial than ever for retail success. With the right information on the latest systems and devices, you can forge a trust that extends beyond a single transaction, fostering repeat business and a loyal customer base.

Here are a few benefits of enhancing product knowledge among your retail sales associates.

Empowered Confidence

Sales associates with a deep knowledge about your PC offerings have more confidence in their abilities, which improves and enhances their interactions with customers on the sales floor. This confidence is key to establishing a successful marketing and sales strategy, catering to customers with varying levels of computer expertise.

A confident sales team can transform the store atmosphere, promoting a culture of cooperation and increased morale.

Expertise and Trust

Today's customers include the tech-savvy Generations Alpha and Z. These groups expect correct, authoritative answers to their questions. Providing your team with up-to-date tools and knowledge like those provided through the Intel® Retail Edge Program ensures your store becomes a trusted information hub.

This expertise is instrumental in building a reputable presence in your community, leveraging word-of-mouth, and establishing your store as a leader in the retail tech space.

Enhanced Communication Skills

Product training programs must focus not just on the technical aspects but also on improving sales associates' communication and sales skills. This ensures that your team can convey complex computer and technology concepts in simple terms, enabling customers to make informed decisions confidently.

Strategic Upselling and Cross-selling

With comprehensive knowledge of the latest tech products, including cutting-edge Intel® processors and technologies powering the latest PCs, sales associates are better positioned to recommend upgrades and accessories. This ability to effectively upsell and cross-sell boosts sales and enhances customer satisfaction by matching them with the perfect products for their needs.

Elevating the Customer Experience

Providing an outstanding shopping experience is paramount. Knowledgeable sales associates act as ambassadors, guiding customers to the best PC solutions and ensuring a positive, memorable retail experience. This fosters loyalty and strengthens your brand's relationship with its customer base.

Recent surveys highlight the impact of knowledgeable associates on the retail experience:

  • Store associates with strong expertise about the products sell 87% more than peers without it.
  • A significant majority of customers (83%) feel they are more informed than store associates, underscoring the need for continuous education.
  • Gen Z customers value the expertise of sales associates, with 79% emphasizing it makes in-store shopping more appealing.  
  • Product knowledge is what 73% say is needed most from a sales associate.

It is crucial your associates have the product knowledge and the right sales tools to provide your customers with an engaging, successful shopping experience.

Empower Your Sales Team with the Intel® Retail Edge Program

The Intel® Retail Edge Program equips your sales team with the latest information on Intel® processors and technologies. With just-in-time training and sales tools like the Intel® Retail Experience Tool (Intel® RXT), associates can deliver immersive and impactful customer interactions on the sales floor.

Encouraging your staff to participate in the Program not only fosters a culture of learning and improvement but can also directly impact your store's performance and customer satisfaction.

The strategic development of product knowledge through advanced training programs is essential in today's competitive retail landscape. By leveraging resources like the Intel® Retail Edge Program, you can ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet and exceed the ever-evolving expectations of your customers, driving sales and building brand loyalty.


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This article has been updated and originally appeared here on the Intel® Retail Edge Progam blog for managers.


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