Tapping into Tomorrow: Why Brands Must Target Generations Alpha and Z in Holiday Marketing


Generations Alpha and ZIn the ever-evolving retail realm, adapting to shifting consumer preferences is paramount. Recently, two generations, Generation Alpha and Generation Z, have emerged as pivotal forces in the market. As the 2023 holiday season approaches, brands must understand the importance of these generations in their sales and marketing strategies to maintain a competitive edge.

The Rise of Gen Alpha and Gen Z in Retail

Generation Alpha, born from 2010 onwards, and Generation Z, from the mid-1990s to 2010, are redefining the dynamics of product acquisition and retail. SuperAwesome’s Holiday Guide to Reaching Gen Alpha & Gen Z highlights key insights that underscore their significance:

  • Active Seasonal Shoppers: Kids and teenagers actively participate in seasonal buying, with 71% purchasing gifts for family members. They are not just recipients but active contributors to the holiday shopping experience.
  • Holiday Deals as Motivators: For Gen Alpha and Gen Z, holiday deals serve as primary purchase motivators. Nearly half of the youth are on the hunt for the best holiday discounts, profoundly influencing their parents’ spending decisions.
  • Surge in Holiday Spending: Forecasts predict a 4.5% year-over-year growth in US retail spending during the 2023 holiday season, with parents playing a pivotal role. While budget-conscious, they often exceed initial spending plans, particularly to fulfill their children’s wish lists.
  • Wish Lists Hold Power: Wish lists wield considerable influence during the holiday season for Gen Alpha and Gen Z. An astonishing 98% of parents purchase items from their children’s lists or shared links. Thus, educating young consumers about your product and encouraging them to add it to their lists is indispensable.
  • Youth’s Purchase Influence: Over 80% of US youth possess sole or joint decision-making power with their parents during purchases, with their influence peaking during the holiday season.

These findings underline that Gen Alpha and Gen Z are not mere bystanders in the holiday shopping frenzy or any peak selling period. They actively participate as consumers and decision-makers, making them indispensable targets for brands aiming to flourish during the holiday season and beyond.

Why Brands Need to Court Gen Alpha and Gen Z

Integrating Gen Alpha and Gen Z into their sales and marketing strategies is paramount for PC retailers. Targeting these generations during the holiday season can significantly boost the promotion of PCs in today’s retail landscape. Here’s why:

  • Early Engagement is Crucial: Gen Alpha and Gen Z aren’t waiting idly for the holiday season; they voice their wishes throughout the year. Early engagement can instill a desire for Intel®-powered PCs long before the holiday shopping rush.
  • Influence on Purchases: As previously mentioned, 80% of US youth wield decision-making power. Retailers can leverage this influence by directly engaging with them and highlighting what sets their PC products apart, appealing to both young consumers and their parents.
  • Direct Messaging Matters: Gen Alpha and Gen Z actively convey their preferences to their parents. Retailers can influence their wish lists by delivering direct messages to these younger consumers, ensuring their PC products are highly coveted.
  • Capitalizing on Growth: With expectations of a 4.5% year-over-year growth in retail spending during the 2023 holiday season, retailers should maintain a robust marketing campaign throughout the holiday period. Late-season sales and deals-driven purchases can significantly boost revenue.

Empower Your Sales Team with the Intel® Retail Edge Program

In today’s fast-evolving market, understanding and targeting emerging consumer demographics are vital for brand success. Gen Alpha and Gen Z aren’t just the future; they are the present influencers and buyers. For brands, recognizing the significance of these generations in their sales and marketing strategies, especially during the holiday season, is imperative.

The Intel® Retail Edge Program can prepare your retail sales associates for customers shopping in your stores year-round. Associates gain insights into the latest Intel® products and technologies, enabling them to engage directly with these tech-savvy generations and accentuate the unique features of Intel® processor-based PCs.

Discover more about the program and how it can equip your sales team for the holiday frenzy and other peak selling seasons.

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