The Importance of an Effective Retail Training Program


Retail sales training programOur retail partners consistently tell us that knowledge is power. An engaged, energetic team that's informed and excited about the new PCs available for sale in their stores can generate a lot of success. 

As a manager, you can't personally impart all the information necessary for your associates to excel on the salesfloor and improve your store's performance. You've got too many other fires burning.

That's where training programs come in. According to RetailEXPO research, 64% of shoppers say that knowledgeable associates make them more likely to visit a physical store, and 75% are likely to spend more after receiving high-quality service from in-store sales associates. 

The best retail training program delivers tangible, measurable results and supports your initiatives during critical selling periods throughout the year. Here are five outcomes to expect from an effective training program. 

1. Improved Customer Experiences and Retention

Well-rounded training programs help participating sales associates transfer their knowledge to customers in engaging, fun ways. Customers who feel engaged and connected with an associate instead of simply getting a sales pitch are more likely to buy. 

Even more importantly, they're more likely to return to your store for their next purchase, increasing brand loyalty.

2. Increased PC and Add-on Sales

Product training that empowers sales associates and engages customers boosts overall PC sales. In addition, knowledgeable associates are better-positioned to suggest add-ons and accessories that customers might not have considered, further boosting store sales and revenues.

3. Greater Upselling to Premium Desktops and Laptops

Knowledgeable associates recognize upselling opportunities that are beneficial to the customer and can enhance their PC experiences. If you're looking for a cost-effective way to boost your store's margins and sell more premium desktops and laptops, look no further than a versatile training program.

4. Better Teamwork

Retail associates with extensive, up-to-date product knowledge and selling know-how are more likely to feel a stake in each other’s success and work together as a cohesive team. Those who understand the importance of teamwork are easier to manage and more likely to go the extra mile to help other team members—and the store itself.

5. Increased Sales during Seasonal Periods

The most impactful training programs give sales associates the tools necessary to be more resourceful with their customer engagement and selling efforts. This is particularly true during the holiday season and other special occasions, a prime time for new product launches. 

Targeted and in-depth learning opportunities about the latest technology products and tips for selling them provide better results on the salesfloor. 

Supportive Training Program Design

Retailers have mandatory training programs for all employees. It’s important that any optional training program doesn’t conflict with other on-the-job responsibilities, such as selling PCs and interacting with customers. Additionally, voluntary training programs should be highly targeted and easily consumed in short timeframes. 

The Intel® Retail Edge Program is designed to empower retail sales associates with engaging training content, helpful resources, and a connected, interactive community. Program members have access to the tools needed to create success on the salesfloor and deliver great customer experiences.

Knowledgeable associates feel engaged and empowered to share their knowledge with customers and can devote their full attention to addressing how a PC addresses the specific needs of customers. 

Learn more about the Intel® Retail Edge Program and how it can help improve your store performance.


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