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4 Ways Product Knowledge Leads to More Holiday Sales


Computer sales for the holiday seasonThis holiday season will look a lot different than last year’s as shoppers return to stores. There has been a steady increase in in-store shopping throughout 2021. One survey indicated 62% of brand and retail workers responded that company sales are at pre-pandemic levels.

Holiday buying has begun, and Intel powers new, feature-packed PCs that will bring a lot of cheer. Are your sales associates in tune with the features of these computers, and can they help customers understand the benefits?

With retail sales projected to grow between 8.5% to 10.5% over 2020, sales associates—new seasonal hires—must be knowledgeable about the desktops, laptops, and other tech products available in your store.

The benefits of effective training and development cannot be understated. Here are four ways well-trained associates can positively impact your revenue during this peak sales cycle.

1. Better Customer Engagement

Knowledgeable associates excel at engaging customers. They do so by offering insightful tips and detailed information that less knowledgeable associates might not have at their disposal.

By building rapport through honest exchanges of information, associates deepen customers’ brand loyalty, making them more likely to buy again and again during the holiday season and into the future.

2. Better Communication of Features and Benefits

Knowledgeable sales associates "speak the language" — literally. They can better convey the features and functions of the latest PCs and their benefits to customers.

This type of communication capability increases the likelihood associates will close sales.

3. Better Upselling and Cross-Selling Efforts

Sales teams in the know eclipse less knowledgeable sales teams when it comes to upselling premium PCs or cross-selling pertinent accessories and services. PCs provide the perfect opportunity for both sales techniques, particularly when associates are educated about computers and appropriate and available add-ons or services.

Knowledgeable associates have a better opportunity to deliver complete sales, ensuring their customers have everything they need for optimal computing experiences.

4. Better Teamwork

Teamwork is important at any time of the year, but the holiday season presents a unique set of challenges that require close cooperation. This includes an increase in the sheer volume of potential customers and the employment of new or seasonal employees.

Short, directed training opportunities give seasoned associates the chance to brush up on customer engagement techniques while integrating knowledge of newly released PCs, technologies, and add-ons.

Presenting this same training style to new or seasonal employees allows them to absorb valuable information about computers and customer engagement in manageable segments.

Managers rely on veteran associates to mentor and assist newer members of their teams. Most associates embrace this teaching/mentoring role and use it to create an environment marked by cohesiveness and teamwork precisely when needed most, during the hectic, yet profitable, holiday selling season.

It’s Never too Late to Learn

With the holiday buying season well underway, product knowledge is more important than ever. With the marked increase in the number of customers comes an increase in the number of questions about the products you offer.

How is your team doing so far in answering these questions and meeting customer needs? If they need a deeper level of knowledge, provide the information to help them get through this busy time. It’s not too late for them to learn so they can be key contributors to holiday sales!

Encourage your sales team to consistently learn about your inventory of products and develop the skills necessary to meet the customers’ needs best. Doing so will pay off for you all year long.

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This article originally appeared on the Intel® Retail Edge Program manager blog.



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