Amplify Your PC Sales Efforts with Training


Amplify PC sales with trainingSales associate training is a significant investment. Selecting the right types of training pays off in added device and technology sales and improved customer loyalty.

Assessing your current sales associates’ skills and knowledge base helps you decide the best way to approach the training process. This allows you to play to your team’s strengths while ensuring the most effective use of your available resources.

Amplify your sales efforts with these key training components.

How to Effectively Connect with Customers

Retaining shoppers and fostering brand loyalty can be achieved when sales associates connect positively with customers. To increase sales and profitability, it is essential that members of your sales team know how to build rapport and connect with shoppers effectively. When they do, these customers are more likely to return to your store for future purchases.

Encouraging your sales staff to cooperate, interact, and work together can also help improve connections. Building a team and fostering a sense of camaraderie among your front-line sales associates allows them to present a united front when interacting with customers. This collaborative approach to sales can ensure the best sales results and make the best possible impression on customers.

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service should be the top priority for your store. However, sometimes other tasks might be seen as more important or urgent. Suppose your sales staff doesn’t provide outstanding customer service because they’re busy restocking shelves, performing inventory, or doing other non-critical tasks. In that case, shoppers could take to social media or word-of-mouth communications to air their displeasure.

Prioritizing customer service can help increase sales and retention. Your store can enjoy greater profitability and brand loyalty compared to the competition.

Confidently Communicate Product Knowledge

To offer amazing customer experiences, your sales associates must have a comprehensive understanding of the products and services available. Today’s customers are interested in PCs that deliver the experiences important to them. When your associates have access to the product information and guidance needed to address these customer needs, you establish your store as an authoritative source for emerging technologies and products.

Even when your sales associates have the knowledge required to offer guidance, they might still need additional expertise to help customers with more complex needs, such as setting up gaming systems or small business solutions. In these cases, associates need a broad spectrum of knowledge about PC products and technologies and the sales skills needed to uncover each customer’s specific needs.

Rely on Proven Retail Sales Training Programs

Specialized training is key to success in the rapidly changing world of consumer technology. By encouraging your sales staff to learn more about your most popular products, you can provide a better retail experience for your customers.

The Intel® Retail Edge Program is a trusted resource that retail brands use to educate their sales associates about Intel® products and technologies and the PCs they power. Encouraging your sales team to participate in this online community will help ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to serve your customers effectively and sell more products, especially during critical sales cycles.


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