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Understand How Training Can Lead to Lower Turnover Rates


Increase Sales Associate RetentionOne reality of almost every retail sales manager’s existence is turnover. Specifically, employee turnover rates are too high and seemingly unending. Finding ways to reduce turnover can be challenging, particularly for managers who work in tech retail's continually evolving world.

Some turnover will indeed happen in any setting. Effective managers limit turnover by providing motivational incentive plans that give valuable employees reasons to remain part of the team. A positive work culture further helps to curtail turnover.

One more area should be part of any plan to reduce employee turnover and promote retention. It is often overlooked but can empower employees and help them recognize the benefit of staying a part of your team. This area is an effective employee training program.

Training Factors that Foster Long-Term Employment

So how does a proper and responsible employee training program aid in the retention of sales associates? Consider these three factors:

1. Instills Confidence in Associates

Retail sales associates interact with all types of customers. Computers and technology, in general, can be intimidating to many. The more associates know about the products they sell, the more confidence they have on the salesfloor.

This confidence also transfers to customers. When an associate can accurately relate the features and benefits of a computer to their wants and, customers are more confident they are purchasing the right laptop or desktop.

Training that includes sales tips and sales scenario role-playing increases the confidence level of sales associates. By understanding how to best interact with customers, the better the chances are for closing sales. Associates who experience more success on the salesfloor are more likely to remain in their job.

2. Enhances the Sense of Commitment 

It feels good when retailers and managers invest in programs designed to help associates be successful. The fact that you’re willing to make such an investment gives your associates reasons to feel more loyal to the company. Along with loyalty, this show of support also inspires a commitment to do the best job possible.

Consider adding incentives or rewards as part of your training program. They do make a difference. As with the other training elements, incentives are tangible evidence that you value associates' time and are willing to invest in them. As a result, they are more likely to put forth their best effort to benefit the company and themselves.

3. Promotes a Team Environment

Being part of a team makes a difference. That begins with the training program and continues through to every other aspect of the working environment. An effective training program that provides chances for associates to give input and be heard is one of the most powerful ways to build a team environment.

Throughout the training, ensure there are times when the associates feel free to offer ideas, opinions, and concerns. This should be a part of every discussion area, ranging from departmental policies to the products sold to sharing experiences with customers. Don’t forget to provide time for associates to share their ideas about how to strengthen the team.

Enjoy Shared Success

When associates achieve success for themselves, they do the same for their employers. A training program that includes the necessary components to create success for associates benefits everyone involved.

The marriage of the right learning materials with chances to be rewarded tends to encourage learning. This concept puts information into action, something that can drive home the value of participation.

Take Advantage of Industry Partner Training Programs

Bolster your training efforts with those provided by your industry partners. Associates get specialized product training and can take advantage of any rewards or incentives included.

The Intel® Retail Edge Program is a resource that can help slow turnover and motivate associates to stay. Associates learn the latest about Intel® processors and technology and the computers they power. Members are rewarded for their efforts and can participate in fun and engaging campaigns throughout the year.

There’s no doubt that the Intel® Retail Edge Program inspires excitement and confidence among sales associates and helps them move closer to their personal goals. In doing so, the Program also helps your store move closer to corporate goals, including longer retention of valued associates.

Find out more about the Intel® Retail Edge Program by visiting the website.




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