Embracing the Associate Experience


Retail computer sales associateIn the fast-paced retail sector, success hinges on more than just customer engagement and sales metrics. This insightful article by Joe Corbin, CEO & President of Jumpmind, illuminates a pivotal shift in retail strategy - the importance of the associate experience (AX).

As the retail landscape evolves, AX emerges as a key determinant in shaping customer experiences, enhancing employee retention, adapting to technological changes, boosting sales performance, and maintaining a positive brand reputation. Discover how prioritizing AX can help your stores excel in the competitive retail computer market. 

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Enhancing Associate Experience with the Intel® Retail Edge Program

In light of the importance of the associate experience in retail, it's essential for managers to leverage available innovative tools and programs that can elevate their team's performance and satisfaction. This is where the Intel® Retail Edge Program is a game-changer.

The Intel® Retail Edge Program is an always-on learning and training program for retail sales associates. It offers tools and resources that empower associates by expanding their knowledge and skills. Just a few of the ways the Program enhances AX include:

  • Provides continuous learning and development regarding the latest Intel® products and technologies.
  • Delivers engaging and motivational training modules, quizzes, campaigns, and more that make learning fun and rewarding.
  • Improves customer interactions through more knowledgeable and confident sales associates.

By integrating the Intel® Retail Edge Program into your training and development strategies, you can significantly improve your associate experience. Find out more about the Program today.

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