The Impact of the Intel® Retail Edge Program on K-12 Schools


The Intel Retail Edge ProgramThe Intel® Retail Edge Program has consistently supported K-12 schools over the years. Our new video montage captures the essence of our impact on schools, students, and communities.

In collaboration with retail stores, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and leaders in the scholastic esports industry, we've been able to give back to local communities through initiatives such as Score with Intel® Core™ and Intel PC Champions.

These initiatives are more than just names. They represent tangible efforts to equip schools with modern technology and resources and offer students opportunities beyond traditional learning. Scholastic esports, particularly, has been a game-changer. Beyond entertainment, it's a platform that nurtures strategic thinking and teamwork skills.

We're proud to be making a difference in the lives of students, educators, and communities. We invite you to see the difference the Intel® Retail Edge Program makes by watching the video below.



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