Celebrating 75 Years of The Transistor


History of transistorsThe world will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the transistor on December 16, 2022. Viewed as the building block for almost every electronic system, this microelectronic component was invented by Bell Labs in 1947.

For over 50 years, Intel engineers have been pushing the boundaries of transistor innovation, thanks to Moore’s Law. They’ve invented strained silicon, high-k metal gate, FinFet, and RibbonFET transistors, to name a few. Today’s chips can contain billions of transistors, which are not much larger than a fingernail.

A transistor is a semiconductor device that allows an electrical current to flow through it. This current can send, receive and process digital data in the form of 1s and 0s.

Watch this quick 2-minute video to learn more about how transistors work.

What is a transistor video link


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