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10th Gen Intel Core ProcessorsThe 2020 International CES event was held earlier this month and, once again, it didn’t disappoint. Intel was on hand to share some of the latest developments in gaming hardware, streaming video, mobile devices, and more.

Serving a Rapidly Expanding Marketplace

According to the U.S. Consumer Technology Sales and Forecast Report, revenue in the technology field increased by about four percent in 2019 and is poised to hit a whopping $422 billion in 2020. A few possible reasons listed for this rate of growth are:

  • The rise of 5G connectivity and devices designed to take advantage of this technology
  • The booming growth of video gaming and video streaming and the need for devices that create the best experiences in both
  • The incorporation of artificial intelligence that works to make everyday devices more useful and functional

These new developments require advanced technologies and Intel leads the way. A few Intel highlights shared at CES 2020 include:

  • Advances in mobile computing with new 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors
  • Discrete-level integrated graphics based on the Xe Architecture
  • Powering new innovative form factor designs, including dual-screens and foldable designs
  • Technology advances that enhance battery life, responsiveness, and compatibility1

We are ready to help you provide the right solutions for customers in making the most of these new technologies.

Keep Your Team on Top of Their Game

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Get a Quick Recap from CES 2020

Have nine minutes to spare? Check out this highlight video taken from some of Intel’s CES presentations.




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