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Upsell to Increase Store RevenueThe right peripherals, connectors, and accessories can make or break a tech setup for your customers. Helping your sales staff to recommend the best choices and add-ons for computer devices, gaming systems, virtual reality (VR) devices, and other high-tech items creates the best buying experiences for customers in your store. 

By providing your sales staff with the tools and technologies they need to make a positive impression on your customers, you can enhance your store’s reputation as a leading source for information on new technologies and a superior choice for computer device and technology purchases.

Here are some of the most effective ways to encourage and enable upselling and cross-selling among your sales associates.

Technology Retailer TrendsBrick-and-mortar retail businesses are re-inventing themselves to compete with online retailers through new digital technologies. These are enabling new techniques for customer engagement such as tracking/analytics and multi-channel customer support.

As physical shops adapt to an increasingly mobile, plugged-in, knowledgeable customer base, they use these technologies to focus on providing a responsive shopping experience exceeding customer expectations.

Get Online Shoppers In StoreOnline shopping is constantly on the rise. In fact, a report from Forrester* predicts a 9.32% average annual increase of online sales until 2020. 

For brick-and-mortar stores, this can mean losing sales because customers are choosing more cost-effective items or shopping around on different Websites. 

Here are seven tips to attract customers from online to in-store. 

Managing Millennial Sales AssociatesMillennials are keen on technology, filled with confidence, and require a different employee engagement method than those used with earlier generations. 
Many companies report a tendency for Millennials to job-hop, which could diminish your sales team's productivity and increase recruiting and training expenses. Therefore, it’s critical that sales managers understand how to motivate and retain Millennial staff in order to benefit from this uniquely valuable pool of talent.

Body Language Cues of Retail CustomersDeveloping an in-depth understanding of your customer base can help your store achieve higher sales and increased profitability in the highly competitive world of consumer technologies. 

While it may not be possible to read the minds of your customers, their body language cues can provide you and your sales staff with valuable insights into their likely attitudes and thought processes regarding the products and services you provide. 

Sell more PC devices this Holiday seasonThe Holiday season is at full tilt with shoppers on the hunt for the latest tech devices. Sales associates are at full tilt dealing with multiple customers at once, asking them questions in order to recommend the right devices, and striving to reach the goals you’ve set for them during this period of time.

How about you? How are you faring? If you’re like most retail managers, this time of year in particular finds you being pulled—at full tilt— in a million different directions as you strive to keep your sales team motivated, your customers satisfied, and your corporate headquarters happy. 

Super Saturday Tech SalesIn recent years, another major shopping day during the Holiday season has emerged. Say hello to Super Saturday which is defined as the Saturday immediately preceding December 25. 

Super Saturday has become a focal point for many retailers as they look to capture more revenue by catering to last-minute shoppers who are in time crunches to find the perfect gifts.

This year presents a unique situation for Super Saturday as it falls on Christmas Eve. Because of this, some retailers are also preparing for Super Saturday shoppers on December 17.

Have you finalized your strategy for Super Saturday? Here are some tactics that can help you grab your fair share of traffic and sales of Super Saturday shoppers.

Reduce Customer Friction While Holiday ShoppingThe Holidays are here and it’s important to make the buying experience as easy as possible for your customers in order to have a successful season. Removing friction points during the shopping and buying processes is critical to ensure the best experience for each customer.

The right training is critical to help your sales associates present the most accurate information and the most immersive buying experience for shoppers in your store as they look to find the perfect gift. 

Incorporating technology in your sales and marketing strategies helps streamline your processes, create better customer experiences, and provides insight into valuable data. However, your sales associates continue to be your most effective line of engagement and support for your customers.

This is particularly true during the Holiday shopping season which can be highly stressful and confusing for shoppers looking for the latest tech devices. 

Score with Intel® Core™ CompetitionThe Intel® Retail Edge Program recently wrapped up another wildly successful Score with Intel® Core™ competition. All of the 2016 winners have been rewarded, all of the winning schools have received their donations, and we are already working on next year’s competition. 

Our annual Score with Intel® Core competition is a vital component
of the Program and each year we are amazed at the gamesmanship of
competitors and their desire to come out on top. 

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