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Take your career to the next level as you boost your knowledge of Intel® products and technologies. The Intel® Retail Edge Program provides engaging training content, helpful resources, and tons of rewards. The more you learn, the more you can earn.
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See for yourself!

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Be a part of a thriving global community. The Intel® Retail Edge Program allows you to connect with other members, share and learn great sales tips, and build credibility with your peers and employer.

The Intel® Retail Edge Program delivers amazing training experiences.

With so much happening in the world of Intel, it’s good to have a central source for the latest tech. Dive into visually engaging training modules and make staying sharp about Intel fun and rewarding.
Intel® processors and technologies
Sales skills
Live webinars
Variety of formats
Join a dynamic online community that keeps you in the loop on cutting-edge technology. Your involvement makes us all smarter, stronger, and more connected.
Friendly competition
Store level leaderboards
Referral programs
Active online forum
Get in the game and play to win, with immersive storylines, outrageous characters, engaging themes, and more ways to win prizes! It’s all about the spirit of competition and thrilling new ways to learn!
Trivia style games
Daily challenges
Engaging promotions
It’s never been easier to take home awesome prizes. The more you immerse yourself in site activities, the more you can earn!
Program Chips and promotional prizes
Digital rewards
Intel® branded merchandise
Special access

“The knowledge of Intel® processors helps me to sell up customers based on their needs.”

George K.

“As a district operations leader, [the Intel® Retail Edge Program] helps me stay current and fresh with knowledge. This helps when having conversations with associates in my computer departments.”

Keith W.

“There's been some very good trainings on sales techniques. I have been able to use some of these to close a sale when people were obviously showrooming.”

Robert E.

“Before joining the Intel® Retail Edge Program, I wasn’t comfortable approaching customers, but with [the Program], I have increased my product knowledge and am confident enough to help customers.”

Michael O.

“I am able to help family and friends with suggestions for PC upgrades as well.”

David D.

“[The Intel® Retail Edge Program] has helped me when buying and recommending products to friends and family.”

Jia Q.

“I'm able to explain the benefits of Intel® products in more detail to customers.”

Ronald P.

“[The trainings] give me talking points, numbers, and percentages that I can trust to be accurate when explaining why something might be better, which builds a level of confidence.”

Gabriel H.

“I repair things. Knowing about current, past and up-and-coming chips definitely helps when it comes to helping a client replace a component. Being able to identify chips by generation also helps with diagnostics as well.”

Ben H.

“[The trainings] have helped my product knowledge and the ability to articulate that to customers in a matter in which they understand.”

Cassidy C.

“[The Intel® Retail Edge Program] has increased my knowledge of how and why Intel® products work as they do, making me a more well-rounded salesman.”

Collin D.

“The trainings have given me confidence to talk to almost any level of customers looking for computing assistance.”

Dinesh S.

“As a manager, [the Intel® Retail Edge Program] helps me build credibility with my team when coaching and developing selling skills with associates throughout the store.”

Tim O.

“[The trainings] provide good examples of how the technology can benefit customers in their lives that I might not otherwise think of.”

Gabriel H.

“I have always preferred hearing about Intel® products straight from the source. In today's landscape, the Intel® Retail Edge Program enables that connection. This allows me to be always in the know.”

Anthony D.

“[The trainings] help keep me current on available offerings in addition to giving helpful suggestions on how to speak with customers.”

Jeremy W.

“[The Intel® Retail Edge Program] helps me learn how to communicate the information to customers in a relatable, understandable way.”

Steven W.

“The trainings give me ideas for simple words and analogies I can use to explain computer terms and features to everyday people that have no clue about technology.”

Kelly H.

“Being a repair tech, [the Intel® Retail Edge Program] helps me be more informed on the tech I'm working on/with and also speak to the more technical parts of my role to my peers and clients.”

Brady S.

“I have done a lot of digital sales and customers have told me that they only want to work with me because I know my information. This is the information that I have learned from the Intel® Retail Edge Program.”

Manfred L.

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