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Remote Learning Resources for Parents and Educators


Remote learning resources for parentsCOVID-19 has thrust much of the world into a new way of life. New normals exist for how we live, work, socialize, exercise, and more. One sector that has been heavily impacted is education. Almost all levels of education have moved from in-class to online-only learning models.

The change happened quickly and, in many locations, with little to no warning. Many students thought they were leaving for spring break, only to find out they would finish out the school year remote learning from home.

It has been difficult for students, educators, and certainly parents. Mom and Dad not only had to figure out how to work remotely themselves, they also had to figure out how to meet the new demands required by schools in order for their kids to finish out this school year.

Intel® Online Learning Initiative

Intel has teamed up with some of the top educators and Ed-Tech influencers in the U.S. to create useful guides that help parents and teachers establish a winning elearning environment for students. These guides are a part of the Intel® Online Learning Initiative, which is committing almost $40 million in funding to provide PC donations, online virtual resources, connectivity, and more.

The Intel® Parents’ Guide to Remote Learning covers questions parents need to consider when evaluating PCs to buy.  Some of these include:

  • Can this device access the legacy learning tools that some districts rely on for remote learning? Think Adobe Flash-based material that some mobile devices no longer support.
  • Can this device meet the multi-tasking demands of remote learning? It’s not just gamers and creators who that need to stream video and complete other tasks, while having multiple apps open.
  • Will this computer meet the needs of my child today and a few years down the road?

Your sales associates play a big role in helping parents ensure their children have the right devices and peripherals needed to successfully learn from home. They look to your team for:

  • Facts about the capabilities of different devices
  • Suggestions on peripherals and other technology products to facilitate remote learning
  • Advice for single devices that can fulfill the needs of all family members
  • Recommendations for more value-priced systems due to new budget constraints

Associates will also experience these same scenarios with educators who have immediate PC and other technology product needs to make the move from classroom-led instruction to elearning-based teaching. With the right knowledge and expertise, your team can make this process much easier and a lot less stressful for them.

From Intel® Celeron® and Pentium® Silver processors for budget-conscious customers to new 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, your sales associates have plenty of options to help parents and educators create academic success when it comes to remote learning.

Community Supporters

Many of you are parents and all of you are educators as you ensure your sales associates are trained appropriately to help customers learn about today’s PCs. Thank you for encouraging your associates to become a part of the Intel® Retail Edge Program and working with us to support your local communities through our shared knowledge of technology.

Find out other valuable information found in the guides for both parents and educators by clicking on the following links:

Intel Parents’ Guide to Remote Learning

Intel Educator’s Guide to Elearning



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