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Knock Knock, Who’s There? 10th Gen 10nm, That’s Who.


10th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processorsRight on the heels of the launch of 9th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors comes the announcement of 10th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors on new CPU and GPU architectures based on Intel’s advanced 10nm process.

Announced at COMPUTEX* 2019, the 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors usher in immersive entertainment on remarkably thin and light, ultra-portable devices for your customers living fast-paced lives.

Some of the features include1:

  • Built-in AI to learn and adapt to a customer’s PC usage
  • Integrated Thunderbolt™ 3 technology and Intel® Wi-Fi 6 for fast, reliable, and versatile wireless and wired connectivity
  • Intel® Iris® Plus graphics and Intel® UHD Graphics for immersive, visually stunning experiences
  • Battery life optimized for marathon work and play sessions

Gamers can play popular games like Battlefield V* at 1080p with smooth frame rates and stream 4K HDR video in rich detail. Content creators can quickly handle 4K video editing and process high-res photos without degradation of visual quality.

Meet the Two Series

The new lineup will have a U- and a Y-series, ranging from Intel® Core™ i3 to i7 processors with up to1:

  • 4 cores and 8 threads
  • 4.1 max turbo frequency
  • 1.1GHz graphics frequency

Here’s a closer look at their architecture:


10th Gen Intel® Core™ U-series processors



10th Gen Intel® Core™ Y-series processors


Some of the top Intel® technologies included in this new generation include1:

  • Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology to enable multiple threads to run on each core
  • Intel® Smart Sound Technology to handle audio, voice, and speech interactions
  • Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 to accelerate processor and graphics performance2

New Capabilities in New Thin and Light Designs

The 10nm architecture of 10th Gen Intel® Core™ U- and Y-series processors allows OEMs to produce new, innovative designs with a reduced silicon footprint while still delivering on world-class performance.1

Processors are being shipped now and you can expect to see the latest thin and light devices in your stores later this year, just in time for the holidays.

Stay tuned for more information so you can keep your customers updated.


Legal Disclaimers

1 Software and workloads used in performance tests may have been optimized for performance only on Intel microprocessors. Performance tests, such as SYSmark and MobileMark, are measured using specific computer systems, components, software, operations and functions. Any change to any of those factors may cause the results to vary. You should consult other information and performance tests to assist you in fully evaluating your contemplated purchases, including the performance of that product when combined with other products. For more complete information go to

Intel technologies’ features and benefits depend on system configuration and may require enabled hardware, software or service activation. Performance varies depending on system configuration. Check with your system manufacturer or retailer or learn more at

2 Altering clock frequency or voltage may damage or reduce the useful life of the processor and other system components, and may reduce system stability and performance. Product warranties may not apply if the processor is operated beyond its specifications. Check with the manufacturers of system and components for additional details.

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