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The Effectiveness of Video in Retail Sales Associate Training


All of us acquire new skills and absorb new information through multiple sensory channels including auditory, visual, and tactile. However, it’s Use of video to train retail sales repsimportant to note the predominant channel for 65 percent of people is through visual content while auditory learning comes in at 30 percent.1 

Not only is visual presentation the preferred method of learning, many expect it to be the method used to deliver new information to them. This is particularly true of your employees who have grown up in the digital age.

The Effectiveness of Video in Learning

There are several reasons why incorporating video technology into retail tech training is such a popular option. Some of these include:

  • Interactive capability with content being presented
  • Engagement
  • Individualized pace of learning
  • Accommodates different learning styles
  • Real-time and on-demand accessibility
  • Presentation of live demonstrations of customer best practices

These are perfect examples of why the Intel® Retail Edge Program incorporates the proven learning medium of video to deliver information to your sales associates on Intel® products and technologies.

Our Brains Are Wired for Visual Information Processing

Information transmitted to our brain is 90% visual and image processing is 60,000 times faster than reading.2 Therefore, presenting information in a visual format is extremely effective as a learning tool. 

The dominance of video as an information-transfer medium is explained both by how finely-tuned our brains are for processing visual content and its unparalleled potential to engage viewer emotions via our innate craving for a good story.

These types of statistics leave little wonder as to why YouTube* is second only to Google* as the world’s most visited Website. A popular creator and host of tech-oriented videos on YouTube* is Linus Sebastian, who in 2015 was ranked 4th in the list of “Top 30 Power Players in Tech” by Inc.* Magazine. As of March 2018, his Linus Tech Tips* is ranked as the 7th most watch YouTube* Technology channel.3

Videos produced by and starring Linus are included in the Intel® Retail Edge Program and are extremely popular with and helpful to participating sales associates. 

The Staying Power of Visual Content

When images are paired with audio or text, short-term memory content moves to long-term memory more efficiently. The visual content provides a pre-processing effect that aids absorption of the total message. 

Three days after learning new material solely by audio or text, we retain just 10 percent of it. However, if meaningful pictures are included in the content, we remember 65 percent of it.4

Because the Intel® Retail Edge Program includes images of PC devices, computer components, technology concepts, Intel® processor specs, etc., in educational videos, your sales team is more likely to remember what they’ve learned and can better match the right device or technology to the needs of individual customers. 

Videos also reinforce story narratives, which is a natural thought process for humans to link cause and effect and find meaning in new information. This is particularly helpful when introducing educational information on new device capabilities, technologies, and presenting roleplay examples of creating amazing customer experiences.

Videos Engage Our Emotions

As a manager, you already know the power of emotions in the purchasing decisions your customers make every day. Videos trigger emotions faster and deeper than just words or sound. 

This phenomenon happens because visual memory processing shares the same brain area where emotions are processed. Images and emotions are linked and reinforce one another to create strong memories, which makes video such a strong messaging medium.

Recognizing the Power of Video in Training

Video is an important component of the Intel® Retail Edge Program. Used in conjunction with other interactive learning mediums such as blog articles, courses, sales tools, and real-time Web events, your sales associates become immersed in an engaging environment where they can learn about Intel® products and technologies and the latest devices from our OEM partners.

We recognize time—and many attention spans—are short, so content is presented in easily digestible, yet impactful, formats. Sales associates control the pace of their learning which helps keep them engaged. The opportunity to earn rewards for their participation helps keep them motivated. 

The Intel® Retail Edge Program uses a diverse and interactive training format to keep your team informed about Intel® products and technologies. It can be accessed across multiple devices including via a mobile app. Get additional information about all the type of learning tools we incorporate to help you maintain a well-informed and motivated sales force.

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This article originally appeared here on LinkedIn*. It has been updated for accuracy and freshness.


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