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Four Components of Successful Retail Product Training


Sales associates occupy the frontline of any brand strategy. They are direct influencers of customers ready to purchase products. Well-trained, Retail Product Trainingknowledgeable, and friendly sales staff increase sales while steering customers away from competitors.

Your product partners must ensure their training programs for your staff are the best they can be and that they continually evolve to keep pace with today’s market and consumers. Effective product and sales training programs use a variety of elements to create a successful learning environment for participants. 

Below are four components that are often universal to the most successful and compelling product training platforms.

1. Multimedia Content Presentation

Training must incorporate a variety of mediums to accommodate the varied learning styles of sales associates. When using a variety of media, employees tend to stay more engaged with the content being presented.

One study shows that 65 percent of the population are visual learners and that 83 percent comprehend illustrated text more effectively than text alone. The Intel® Retail Edge Program includes a diverse mix of multimedia Learning activities designed to speed up knowledge transfer and increase recall of Intel® product information.

2. Gamification

Some statistics indicate that as many as 75 percent of those participating in corporate training would be more engaged if gamification elements were included. 

The Intel® Retail Edge Program utilizes game mechanics to reinforce the Learning environment for sales associates. As associates learn about the latest Intel® products and technologies, they have the opportunity to earn rewards and recognition for attaining goals. 

3. Mobile Learning

Mobile learning (m-learning) is on the rise and 70% of respondents in one study reported they would be more motivated to learn if training could be accessed from their mobile devices. This should not be surprising as Millennials continue to make up more of your workforce.

The Intel® Retail Edge Program has a fully-functional mobile app available to you and your sales associates. Content can be accessed anytime from anywhere on your mobile devices.

4. Competency-Based Training

Competency-based training provides clear advantages to employers, but it also provides benefits to employees as well. Sales associates have a starting point and a foundation upon which to build. As their knowledge level increases so does their self-confidence.

Another key ingredient in the Intel® Retail Edge Program is the use of competency-based training. Associates gain concrete knowledge in bite-size chunks, which dovetails with a mobile lifestyle and shorter attention spans. They can quickly move through modules with familiar content leaving more time to spend on newer concepts. 

As they master Learning activities, their rewards and status levels continue to grow. This helps keep your sales associates engaged and returning for more.

Benefit from Partner Product Training

Encouraging employees to participate in training offered by your product partners augments your brand training in tangible and measurable ways. Sales associates become valuable advocates for your store's brand and generate increases in new and returning traffic.

The Intel® Retail Edge Program’s rich, deep set of multimedia Learning content, optimized game-play educational structure, competency-based training, and tangible rewards for sales associates' Learning achievements have resulted in a proven track record of success with partner retailers and their sales teams. 

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