Revolutionary RXT Helps Sales Reps Know Their Stuff


Technology drives most every aspect of our lives so it stands to reason it also plays a big part in how people shop and purchase products and services. In this digital age, customers are more informed than ever when entering a retail store.

Just look at these telling buyer statistics:

  • 84% of buyers engage in online information consumption and education (Google* ZMOT)
  • 97% of buyers now use online media when researching products and services in their area. (BIA*/Kelsey*)

These high percentages lead to the question, are your sales reps equipped with the information needed to successfully interact with these customers? If not, this lack of knowledge is impacting your sales volume.

Retail sales training is more important than ever.

Here are two reasons why:

  • 50% of customers are looking for expert advice on what to buy when they enter a store (Experticity*)
  • 73% of customers say product knowledge is what they need most from a sales representative (Experticity*)

Retail brands and managers must provide product and brand training for their sales teams in order to remain competitive and give customers what they want.

A Great Sales Tool for Retail Sales Reps

In order to help those retailers selling Intel®-based devices, the Intel® Retail Edge Program provides an interactive sales tool designed to create a higher level of customer satisfaction while helping sales representatives succeed.

The Intel® Retail Experience Tool, also known as RXT, offers interactive media for retail sales reps to use right on the sales floor with customers.

Intel® Retail Experience Tool

The easy-to-use interface consists of modules containing videos, apps, and animations relating to Intel® products. It’s a great way for sales reps to interact with customers while they’re shopping.

Two example modules of the Intel® RXT are:

  • Your Core: Sales reps use the Shopper Recommendation Tool to find the right Intel® processor for their customers based on how they use their device. 
  • Your Device: This feature directs the sales reps to the right device for customers based on information they provide such as where and how they will use the device.

Through the use of fun and interactive apps in the Intel® RXT, customers can learn about:

  • Immersive graphics
  • Touch control
  • Video editing
  • Video sharing

Another valuable component of the program is the ability to upload metrics to track the number of interactions between sales reps and customers who use the tool.

Intel® RXT gives sales representatives an intuitive process and onscreen dialogue for guiding their customers to the right device and Intel® processor that best fit their needs and lifestyle.

Connect Sales Reps with Customers

A winsome personality alone can only take a person so far. Add to that the customer’s expectation of a knowledgeable sales rep, and it becomes clear retail stores can’t afford to slide on product training.

Managers often juggle multiple responsibilities, departments, stores, or territories. This makes it impossible to be on the floor with your sales staff at all times. Sales training tools, such as Intel® RXT, augment in-person training efforts and provide ways for your reps to connect with your customers.

The Intel® Retail Experience Tool is just one example of the many valuable training assets available through the Intel® Retail Edge Program. This free, online training program is loaded with great content, including interactive Learning activities and sales tools for retail sales managers and reps.

Learn more about the benefits of participating in the Intel® Retail Edge Program by clicking here!


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